Tips On How To Determine Market Direction

Determining market direction is a key aspect of technical analysis, as they say, ‘the trend is your friend’.
Sometimes you can just tell by glancing at the chart the direction the market is moving in, however there are times where it can be deemed difficult.
In the video below I explain in deeper detail some methods and tips on how to determine the market direction.

1. Draw Trend Lines

Most basic method of identifying the direction of the market is moving in is to draw trend lines and line up the candlesticks to help analyse the movement.

2. Moving Averages – Exponential

The Next method is to add an Exponential Moving Average. I recommend using a high period (i tend to use 200), and just by looking at the line you see its movement and the direction it is traveling in.

3. Highs and Lows

By analysing the high and low swings, you can determine if they are getting higher or lower.
lower highs + lower lows = donwtrend
higher highs + higher lows = uptrend
higher highs + lower lows = neutral (high voulme market)
lower highs +higher lows = neutral (low volume market)

4. Data Analysis on
Check the pair you are doing technical analysis on, and use the tips provided by

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