Binary Options LIVE Trading Challenge EVERYDAY at 7pm GMT : $20 dollars challenge

20 Dollars Challenge – LIVE Trading Stream EVERYDAY

Everyday (working days) we are doing our £20 binary options trading challenge, where we are starting at £20 and trading live with you every single day.

Our trading plan for the first two months will be represented below:

  (for more information please join our telegram for signals and information)

We will be starting with 20, and will be starting the seocnd month with 150 and take the remaining profits from first month.
As you can see in the images there is two sides one with 20 trades and one with 3 trades. Initially we will aim for 3 trades however if we lose one we will go for 20.

Take a look at our first stream here:

We are live everyday at 7pm UK time on our youtube channel. With the recording being uploaded soon after.

The broker will be using is here, feel free to sign up as there is a free demo account and has a minimum trade of $1 and minimum deposit of $10.

Lets beat these brokers together!

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